It’s hard not to fall in love with the country’s historical sites and art scene. From the Banaue Rice Terraces to San Agustin Church, there are countless sites that reflect the unique culture of the Philippines. 

You won’t have to look or travel far to find picture-perfect destinations for your next family getaway. Time spent with your family and away from the city is always a memorable experience—especially if you love to take photos. 

The Philippines is the perfect place for family photography. If you’re looking for a fantastic backdrop for your family portraits, schedule a road trip and don’t miss out on visiting the destinations below. 

Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago is part of the walled city of Intramuros and is considered one of the most historical sites in Manila. The landmark has witnessed the death of hundreds of Filipinos during the Spanish colonial era and the Battle of Manila. The site is home to several preserved legacies like some of Rizal’s memorabilia. It is a great destination for a relaxing weekend walk and picture-taking session with your loved ones.

Rizal Park

Formerly called Luneta Park, Rizal Park is a historic urban park that was put up in honor of the country’s national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Located at the heart of Manila and situated next to Intramuros, it contains over 60 hectares of ornamental gardens, open lawns, and plazas. The lovely strolling place also contains artist sanctuaries, dancing magical fountains, and statues of Philippines heroes. The peaceful ambience make it a beautiful backdrop for your family photos.

National Museum of Natural History

Since the National Museum of Natural History reopened in May 2018, crowds have flocked to the museum to view its galleries. The museum houses old and new displays, including Lolong’s skin and skeleton (the largest crocodile in captivity), the Tree of Life, taxidermied specimens of a spot-billed pelican, botanical illustrations and paintings, recreations of mangrove forests, and more. Learn more about the country’s flora and fauna for free while getting a stunning background for your shots.


Binondo is coined from the Tagalog word binondoc which translates to “mountainous” in English. Initially created as an area for Chinese immigrants-turned-Catholics, it has turned into one of the most visited communities in the Escolta shopping district. Binondo draws thousands of visitors because it is also a center of authentic Chinese food like dumplings and Peking duck. Pose for a picture at Binondo district brimming with life and color.

Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar

Located three hours away from Manila, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a hidden gem in Bataan. The unique heritage resort is quickly becoming one of the most popular sights in the province because it boasts several reimagined ancestral houses, reconstructed from all over the country. The open air museum and heritage parktakes you through 18th-century Philippines with its heritage houses surrounded by cobblestone streets and landscaped gardens. It is truly a breathtaking background for professional family photos

Make your next weekend escape memorable with these must-visit destinations. And don’t forget to book a photographer for your photos. You can count on our photographers to take photos of your family. Book a service with us today.