Capturing everyday moments provides a fresh perspective to reality. Whether you’re looking at the environment or immersing yourself in a foreign culture, you get to see something that you haven’t seen before. 

And that’s what makes lifestyle portraits so important. Lifestyle photography captures real-life moments and freezes genuine, candid interactions. These types of photos fall somewhere in between documentary photography and staged sessions because a photographer helps guide you through the shoot to allow natural interactions to take place. 

With that said, how do you prepare to make your lifestyle photoshoot a success?

Dress Comfortably

A lifestyle photoshoot takes about an hour or two to finish, so make sure you’re wearing an outfit you’ll feel comfortable in. We wouldn’t recommend dressing up in a fancy cocktail dress and 5-inch heels. The discomfort of wearing an outfit you don’t feel relaxed in will come out in your photos, so it’s best to wear clothes that allow you to move around freely. 

Consider dressing up in neutral or soft tones so that it doesn’t clash with your setting or background. Striking colors could distract the viewer and draw attention away from you and your loved ones.

Choose a Special Location

Pick a setting or activity that’ll help you tell your story. Instead of holding a shoot at a location you’ve never been to, choose a place your family visits together. The point is to capture you and your loved ones interacting naturally because that’s when the magic truly happens. You might want to incorporate props or a pet to add a personal touch to your photos. 

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If you plan on having your lifestyle shoot at home, that’s OK too. But don’t stress yourself out over making sure the house looks extra clean. Even a little clutter here and there can give your shots a homey allure. 

Keep it Fun

Kids never like being told what to do, especially when it comes to posing in front of the camera. But don’t worry: you don’t have to keep your kids on a leash to make sure you get great photos. If the energy of your little ones run high, let them be. Letting their personality quirks shine through can help us capture their true spirit. It’ll also help show the dynamic of your family, as well. 

Bring some of their favorite toys or treats during the shoot. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy. Your kids will, too.

Be Yourself

Pinterest is a fantastic place to look for inspiration on your shoot. But don’t get too caught up trying to recreate the perfect shot. Sometimes, these photos are taken with the help of a large crew. Remember: the essence of lifestyle photography lies in capturing you in real life. So the best thing to do is be yourself. 

Our team employs a photojournalistic approach to taking photos. We capture natural interactions like we’re observing a fly on the wall. You won’t even have to pose perfectly and smile at the camera all the time, so stay relaxed and have fun.

The most important part of your lifestyle shoot is to find a photographer you connect with, so you can achieve effortlessly beautiful shots. Choose FOTO for your next lifestyle photoshoot. Book a session with us today.