Family photography presents a unique opportunity to capture special moments shared with your loved ones. After all, a family portrait is a treasured memento that usually ends up in a photo album or on a wall in your home. 

That’s what makes a family photoshoot so important: it helps capture in your family in their best light. So whether you’re welcoming a new member to the family or are posing for your bunso’s fifth birthday, your portrait should capture the special bond you share. 

And that starts with a great outfit that brings out a close-knit family feel. But how do you go about searching for the right outfit to wear? 

Plan Ahead 

Before anything else, start thinking of the outfit you want to wear before the actual shoot. This will save you from any last-minute changes and make your photoshoot preparations hassle-free. If you plan on buying new clothes, make sure that they fit perfectly so you’ll feel comfortable during the shoot. 

Wear Color-Coordinated Outfits 

Your family doesn’t have to dress up in matching shirts and jeans. The idea is to let everyone’s personality shine, and it’s possible to achieve that without everyone wearing the same clothes. Stick to a single color scheme then dress up in hues that complement each other for a more natural look. Maybe you and your spouse can dress up in two primary colors, then have the kids wear softer tones to accentuate your color scheme. 

Keep it Timeless

Kids grow up, and their preferences change. They might be into wearing a Batman costume today, but the outfit might not look as cute three years from now when they’re into wrestling or monster trucks. On top of that, wearing clothes with multiple patterns or a huge logo can create a distraction in your photos. So make sure everyone opts for a timeless get-up that’s appropriate all year round. 

Consider the Location

Look to your location and draw outfit inspiration from there. Will you be shooting on a beach with plenty of neutral tones or under a tree surrounded by foliage? Select a color palette that will complement the setting and season of your shoot. Pick out clothes that matches with your background and doesn’t clash with it. 

Emphasize Texture 

Once you’ve made up your mind on which focal colors to use, you can add texture to top off your look. You can add accessories like a hat, scarf, or coat to your outfit, for instance. Accessorizing can also help break the color palette and make your shots look more interesting. Just don’t overdo it: choose practical clothing items that the little ones will feel comfortable wearing even if you’re in for a long shoot. 

Include Home Decor

Family photography

You might be wondering what your home’s interior design has to do with the outfits you choose. Your home decor plays a role in determining what to wear at the shoot because there’s a chance that your family portraits will end up on one of the walls of your home. So make sure that the overall look of your photos blends with the color scheme of your house. 

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