Don’t miss out on the sweetest moments you share with your loved one. There’s something magical about preserving our feelings and memories — and taking photos are the easiest way to document the special bond you share.

Share love.

Tell us your love story and book a couple photographer in Manila. We capture memories that you can store and cherish for life. Allow us to photograph you and your significant other and re-create your most cherished moments through photos.

We capture the chemistry and magic between you and your lover, creating images full of emotion and beauty. Our sessions are perfect for engagements, anniversaries, honeymoons, dates, or just because.

Our team makes your shoot fun and authentic. We perform styled shoots at our studio or your preferred location.

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What Our Couple Photographers Do


Your portrait session should reflect the love between you and your beloved. Take a glimpse at our couple photography services below.

Great Image's Photography Studio

Pre-nuptial Photography

When true love comes your way, make sure you capture the moment so it lasts a lifetime! We offer prenuptial photography services for engaged couples awaiting their big day. Pre-wedding photos, after all, mark your happily-ever-after and captures a special moment in time. Our prenuptial photographers in Manila take immense pride in capturing your romantic and fairytale-like movements before you say your “I Dos.”

Proposal Photography

You’ve been planning this proposal and you want to make sure his or her acceptance will be captured professionally, and you can share your proposal photos to shout to the world that you are finally engaged.

Great Image's Photography Studio
Great Image's Photography Studio

Outdoor and Indoor Couple Photoshoots

Planning a photoshoot with your SO? Our team can photograph you together, whether you are indoors or outdoors. We have mastered the techniques that make your photos look great in both settings. We leverage the power of natural lighting to keep the stars in your eyes.

Casual Couple Photoshoots

Keep it comfortable and let it all hang loose. At our casual couple photoshoots, you and your SO won’t have to worry about striking formal poses or showing up in fancy attire. We offer casual couple photography services where you can sit back, relax, enjoy your other half’s company, as we take photos.

Great Image's Photography Studio
Great Image's Photography Studio

Anniversary Photography

You and the love of your life are a year stronger. What better way to celebrate how happy you are with a planned event and photoshoot? Our photographers turn document you and your partner’s sweet nothings. We understand the time and effort it takes to plan a special event and capture every moment as it happens.

Why Choose Us For Couple Photosoots

Photographing lovebirds is second nature to us.

In fact, it’s one of our favorite people to photograph because we enjoy capturing the passion between two people in love. Showing affection and love require vulnerability, though.

At FOTO by Great Image, we go out of our way to make you and your other half comfortable during your shoot. When you choose us as your personal photographer, you and your partner will get lost in the moment.

And that’s how we capture your natural smiles and interactions. Just stay comfortable and madly in love, and we’ll make sparks fly.

Our photographers turn document you and your partner’s sweet nothings. We understand the time and effort it takes to plan a special event and capture every moment as it happens.

Start spreading the love and choose us for your couple photography needs.

Our Convenient Booking Process

Take the hassle out of finding a photographer for your next shoot. Use our app to immediately connect with local photographers. Just state when, where, and the type of shoot you have planned out and we’ll match you with the a pro.

Planning Ahead of the Session

Tell us your vision for your upcoming photo sesh and we’ll make it happen. We offer recommendations so that everything’s ready and everyone’s prepared come their big day.

Setting You in the Mood

We take the time to get to know you and your partner before the session begins. Making you comfortable and getting a feel of your personalities can make a huge impact on the overall mood (and quality) of your shoot.

Creative Direction During the Shoot

Are you camera conscious or unsure of how to pose? Don’t worry! Our team gives you a general direction of how we want the photo to look like. We capture natural, authentic moments and leverage the power of candid shots.

Post-Production Finishes

After the shoot, we add artistic touches to your photos that highlight their color and exposure. The finished product: a collection of polished photos that convey you and your partner’s love.

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