In need of explosive food photography to set your restaurant apart? Visual stimulation is one of our strongest suits. We work with you to make your dishes look photogenic.

Preparing food is a culinary art — and so is creating enticing food images.

Instagram and other photo-sharing apps are redefining what good food looks like. And creating mouthwatering shots requires a critical eye and a bit of technical know-how.

But restaurant photography goes beyond capturing shots of your scrumptious fare. It also means taking photos of your staff and patrons, restaurant interior, and menu items.

Let our commercial and restaurant food photographers in Manila help you create stunning food content to position your brand as the go-to restaurant or café. Our brilliant images can help you gain credibility and establish trust for your brand.

What Our Food Photographers Do

Great Image's Photography Studio

Food Packaging

Great packaging turns heads. Photos play a huge role in branding and design, so you’ll need images that clearly communicate your story. Our studio is equipped to photograph your product packaging so you can promote your brand and boost sales.

Food Advertising

 Some customers complain that what they buy in-store is never as tasty as what they see on ads. At Foto by Great Image, we create impressive shots to bring out your customer’s wildest cravings. And we balance this out by making our shots resemble the real deal as much as possible.a

Great Image's Photography Studio
Great Image's Photography Studio

Food for Editorials

Magazines and newspapers need great stories and photos to sell copies. As experts in the food photography trade, you can count on us to take stunning photos. We create a stunning visual narrative for any publishing platform.

Ingredient and Recipe Shots

So much of food styling and photography focuses on the final product. But raw ingredients can help you show customers what your dish looked like before it was put together. Our team captures the natural beauty of the ingredients you use, showcasing your

Great Image's Photography Studio
Great Image's Photography Studio

Restaurant and Food Photography

Want to learn the tricks of the food photography trade? You’ve come to the right place. We work with local food businesses to create compelling stories with great photos. Let’s work hand-in-hand to make your dish stand out.

Food Beauty Shots 

Food is one of our favorite subjects to photograph, and we have what it takes to truly make your food look artistic. Our team makes the most of your dish’s stunning textures, colors, and shape. Our beautiful and tempting shots will surely impress your customers.

Great Image's Photography Studio

Why Choose Us for Your Food Photography Needs

As a restaurant owner, these drool-worthy food shots are a must. Unlike other types of photography, our food photography services in the Philippines create a multi-sensorial impact.

We take photos that activate your sense of sight, smell, and taste. This unique, visual experience, in turn, leaves you hungry for more. Our team has worked with various clients in the local food industry, enticing customers with stunning and appetizing photos. 

Establishing a Unified Vision

Achieving great shots are a team effort. We collaborate with you prior to execution. So whether you’re a start-up or an established food brand, our staff will sit you down to devise an overall look to market your products.

This allows us to better gauge what your goals are, then create impressive food shots that will keep your target audience hooked.

A Creative Focus on Details

Our team handles projects up close and personal. We know that the devil is in the details, so we take close-up, carefully styled shots of your food. We photograph them from angles that accentuate their rich colors and contrasting details.

As visionaries, we bring out your food’s best look, whether we’re capturing appetizers or dessert.

Simple Yet Vibrant Food Shots

Taking impressive food photos is more than just snapping the ingredients; we consider the perspective and composition, too. And sometimes, the best shots are the most simple ones.

Instead of cluttering your photo, we capture only the essential. And we don’t stop there: we produce truly vibrant photos through contrast. Your food will look more mouth-watering against a stark white background, for instance.

Let our professional photographers transform your food products into fantastic photos. Download our app to book a session with us today.

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