Other forms of picture-taking give you full control of whatever’s inside the frame: light, backgrounds, props, poses, and costumes. Though these kinds of shots can bring out your authentic self, it doesn’t make you feel as vulnerable as you do during a lifestyle shot.

Our lifestyle photography services are a mix of authentic and staged moments for real-life images.

Create moments worth capturing.

Life is all about enjoying life’s greatest wonders like your favorite places and the company of your loved ones. Yet only a few of us capture these unstaged moments.

Capture special memories and preserve them for the years to come. Whether you are celebrating your pamangkin’s birthday or are taking a road trip to the province, we are here to photograph your favorite moments.

Unlike traditional indoor or studio photoshoots, we add a touch of lifestyle — both candid and staged — to your shots. This makes our lifestyle photography services perfect for those who want special moments captured in real time.

Catering to Your Lifestyle Photography Needs

Great Image's Photography Studio

Accurate, Authentic Representations

We take candid shots of people and places. Our team captures you in your element. And we don’t just stand by until something happens — we stay vigilant and capture the second before and after an anticipated moment. We simply let things unfold to achieve accurate, authentic representations. In turn, this gives greater depth to your story, from start to finish.

Hands-on Artistic Direction

When you choose us for your photography needs, you’ll receive hands-on attention. But this doesn’t translate to asking you to pose on camera. Rather, we suggest games or situations and let the magic happen. On top of that, we won’t dictate your closet. We just help you find photogenic clothes, close to what you already wear. We can also add a personal touch to your session. You’ll have the freedom to bring your child’s favorite toy or make them blow soap bubbles, for instance.

Great Image's Photography Studio
Great Image's Photography Studio

Properly Designed Session Flow

Shoots can easily turn chaotic, especially when there are several people involved. Planning a session is the best way to keep things hassle-free. Our team ensures everything’s organized come the day of your shoot. In turn, you’ll enjoy the freedom of expressing yourself freely for more authentic shots.

Why Choose Us For Lifestyle Photography Services

Day-to-day interactions are a simple yet compelling way to tell a story. And the devil is in the details. All stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Our photography services take you on a visual journey, from start to end.

One look at our stunning images will transport you to whatever’s in the photograph. How do we achieve this? By emphasizing casual and natural interactions.

Setting the Stage

Our team is big on structure, but we don’t overplan our lifestyle shoots. We keep you as comfortable as possible. Lifestyle sessions aren’t like any typical photoshoot, so we want to make you sure you feel relaxed in front of the lens. We take the time to understand what your needs are — knowing your likes and dislikes, where you like to hang out, and what you do for fun. That’s how we create authentic shots.

Ease of Booking Convenience

Find on-demand, lifestyle photographers in Manila today. Foto by Great Image offers a convenient way to book an affordable photographer near you. Capture life’s greatest moments in one click. Our app connects you with a skilled photographer who suits your needs — all you have to do is specify the date and venue of your shoot. We also accommodate last minute, emergency bookings. Just make sure you give us a call first.

Making In-between Moments Matter

We don’t restrict ourselves to traditional methods of taking photos and capture in-between moments. To pull this off, our team communicates our end goal for the final image. How we get there is up to you. To get there, we capture in-between moments as well as the end result. After all, these final images portray your true personality while candid photos show your vulnerable side.

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At Foto by Great Image, we preserve your special moments and turn them into stories worth sharing. Your loved ones will enjoy looking back at these timeless tales of happiness and love.

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